• Linux Kernel Programming

    My journey with compiling, developing and debugging the Linux Kernel under macOS running on an Apple Silicon. Believe me, it was harder than it sounds.

    • Final result: ouichefs

      A simple filesystem that can free the space automatically when the disk is too full, with a configurable eviction policy.

  • WHILE interpreter

    A simple interpreter for the WHILE language with derivation tree visualization and other goodies. Based on Semantics and Verification of Software Course from RWTH.

  • Climate and Animal-Responsible Diet

    University project to create an App that helps to eat in a way that is better for the environment. It helps you track what you eat, proposes better recipes and shows you how much CO2 and water you saved by eating differently.

Apps I’ve worked on

Someday there will be more of a page here…

For now, you can check out my github.

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